The Cambridge Child Development programs are designed to create:

  1. An environment that is comfortable, enriching, and meets the Department of Social Services Title XXII (22) Licensing Regulations for health and safety and the California Department of Education Title V Standards.

  2. An atmosphere that is generally one of happiness, warmth, and caring, where adults create a safe, nurturing environment in which the dignity, worth and cultural uniqueness of each child and the child’s family are valued.

  3. A comprehensive program that provides individual developmental assessment, vision and hearing screening, health and dental education by appropriate staff members and outside agencies.

  4. A program that builds a partnership with parents to improve language, social/emotional, creative and self-help skills, at an age-appropriate level.

  5. A child-centered curriculum that reflects our program philosophy that children learn through doing and activities, that are appropriate for culture, development and age meeting the child’s interests and desires; and focusing on the child’s strengths.

  6. Activities that are planned to enhance the development of language, cognitive skills, gross and fine motor coordination, and multi-cultural awareness, as demonstrated in the results of individual child assessments twice or three times yearly.


We encourage parent participation in our childcare centers.  We feel that parents play a very important role in the education of their children, especially if they are involved.  Cambridge offers parent meetings every month for parents to receive information regarding topics of interest; a parent advisory committee that offers more participation within your child’s program with curriculum, future event planning, and/or planning celebrations for your school.  Teachers communicate with parents through a minimum of two conferences per year, as well as daily contact sheets informing parents of what their child is doing for the week.  Informal meetings with parents are always welcome; just to find out how your child is doing is always encouraged and welcome.  Parent boards are in all of the Cambridge classrooms for parents to look for resources to help them with medical and dental programs, adult education, or extracurricular activities for children happening in the community.



The State Department of Education subsidizes the Cambridge Child Development Services for eligible and enrolled families for full time programs  .  Families are assessed a co-payment based on income and family size.  The fee schedule is available in the center’s office and can be obtained upon request.  Families with extremely low income for their family size may not be required to make a co-payment.  The amount of the daily fee will be stated on the Notice of Action that parents receive at time of enrollment and upon re-certification of eligibility.  Parents are required to report any change in income, need, or family size within 30 days of the enrollment

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